During this present time, it’s easy to feel anxious, fearful and stressed. I myself have felt these emotions, but I have had to remember to be still and focus on God’s word as my truth; despite what the media may portray.

Remember the media coverage tends to create panic!

They talk of lockdown, supplies running out, lack of control and multiple deaths, but their reports don’t focus on those that have recovered or the positive things that are taking place.

It just creates fear which we definitely don’t need, especially as believers…

Take a breath…Be still.

On the flip side, there’s the pressure and the expectancy to use this time for things we may not usually have time for, or to start projects that we have been delaying…but what if that thought in itself overwhelms you to the point where it feels like things are worse than before the pandemic?

Take a breath…Be still.

The greek root for ‘sound mind’ is sophroneo, which translates to a mind that is delivered, rescued, protected and secure . This means God has not given us a mind that is all over the place or that is scattered with fear and confusion. No, He’s given us a mind that is focused and at peace.

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed, fearful and confused…know that those feelings are not of God. Use His word to help you think differently in the midst of the storm and in every area of your life.

So take things day by day, don’t be hard on yourself!

Pray to God to help you in the areas that you’re stuck in. Even if it’s:

  • Father, please help me to get up on time and stick to my daily routine (note to self)
  • Lord God, please help me to make time for you
  • God, please help me with the stress and anxiety I’m suddenly feeling 
  • God, please help me with a strategy to work on my projects during this time.
  • God, thank you for your love. Please help me to focus on You and your word during this season.

There’s nothing too small to pray about and there’s nothing too small for God to answer. (Philippians 4:6)

And know that He hears us, He will help us if we call out to Him (Exodus 2:24-25) and we have peace in Him. The fact that we still have life and breath in our lungs shows that He still has a plan and purpose for us.

So take heart, because despite the narrative currently being shown , He has already overcome the world and He is still in control.

Shalom x

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